Yaniv Altshuler

Entrepreneur, Researcher @MIT

Dr. Yaniv Altshuler is an experienced entrepreneur and an industry-leading expert on Artificial Intelligence and Data Analysis. Yaniv has published over 70 scientific papers and filed 17 patents. His research has been covered by Harvard Business Review, Financial Times, Communications of the ACM, IEEE Spectrum and others. His book on Security and Privacy in Social Networks was published in 2012, followed by a second book on Swarms and Network Intelligence in 2017, and a third book on Applied Swarm Intelligence, to be published in 2022.

After receiving his PhD in Computer Science Dr. Altshuler has worked with MIT Prof. Alex “Sandy” Pentland on the development of the new field of Social Physics. Over the past decade Dr. Altshuler used his expertise to advise leading financial institutes and government agencies worldwide. Among his activities, Dr. Altshuler currently serves as the Strategic Advisor for Artificial Intelligence and Digital Transformation to the Israeli Defense Force.