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How might we decarbonize the future through fashion? How do superheroes dress in their downtime? What's it like to beat a champion... five times? How do we build a human-centered metaverse? How can public art bring cities to life and people together? How might we print organs to extend our lifespans? What happens when you match a beatboxer and a champion whistler?

On March 7, TEDxBoston curated 36 new and exciting ideas at The 'Quin House in Boston.

Idea Spotlight

Vladimir Bulovic

MIT Professor

We are on the doorstep of the sustainable energy era, as the new solar advances have just been invented and are ready to scale.

Silvia Lopez Chavez

Public Artist

Murals can transform spaces and hearts, making the world to a more connected, beautiful place.

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March 2022
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