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2023 Cohort




The planetary stewardship mission

Our mission is to find the very best ideas on planetary stewardship, to curate them into powerful talks, to tactically distribute and amplify them, and to develop networks to scale these ideas for impact.

We believe that this decade is critical for addressing and developing solutions that scale.  Our vision is to bring together a diverse audience that spans generations, attract speakers with world-changing ideas, and build a global ecosystem. 


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Our approach

Leveraging Boston’s role as a hub for creative climate solutions.

Our event brings together the best of academia, industry, investment, and creativity. We connect leaders already in the conversation with novel viewpoints.  By having a global audience descend on Boston, we’re positioned to become the anchor event for impact around sustainability.

Convening key stakeholders.

The right conversation, with the right people, in the right moment can accelerate transformation. Facilitating unexpected connections is in our organization’s DNA. We are a particle collider of impactful ideas and can help create exponential results. 

Sharing the most compelling versions of the best ideas.

Our curation process finds the ideas most ready to scale for most immediate impact. Support allows us to create a community around each speaker to scale their vision, with one-on-one and group coaching, professional design consulting, and high production value to create powerful videos that are hosted on the TED platform and amplified on multiple channels.

Translating powerful ideas into compelling stories.

We developed a Content Action Strategy to harvest and promote content from our existing library and produce a 2023 cohort of world-changing ideas. We will continue to test new formats and distribution channels to reach the broadest and most influential audience possible, including leveraging the latest AI content generation tools.