Björn Lütjens

PHD Candidate

Hello, I am a PhD Candidate at the Human Systems Laboratory in the MIT Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics. My research is tackling climate change with machine learning, little-by-little, together with Prof. Dava NewmanCait Crawford, and Chris Hill.

I am concerned that running a high-resolution (1km) climate model can take multiple weeks on the world’s largest supercomputers; consuming the same electricity a coal power plant would generate in one hour. To overcome the computational complexity, we are reshaping machine learning models into fast copies, or ‘surrogates’, of climate models. The core difficulty is to ensure physical-consistency in the surrogates, such that policy- or decision-makers can trust the machine learning surrogates.

My research has won grants by NSF, Climatechange.ai, ESA, Portugal Space, NASA, IBM, Microsoft, NVIDIA, MIT Pkg, and MIT Legatum. I advised two teams of senior researchers at the NASA/SETI Frontier Development Lab, co-founded the ForestBench Consortium, interned with IBM Future of Climate and BRT (John Deere), earned an M.Sc. from MIT in safe and robust deep reinforcement learning, and a B.Sc. from TUM in Engineering Science. I also windsurf poorly, jam, joke, and love meeting new people – you are no expection – please don’t hesitate to reach out. We have two Summer UROP opportunities in visualizing floods or superresolution of climate models.