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When I worked with Steve Jobs at NeXT, he would hire misfits who thought differently. I was one of them, an earth scientist among software and hardware engineers. Now I understand why he did it. Co-founded four successful companies: PSI (geophysics), Fatbrain.com (which went public on the NASDAQ), SmugMug, and now Cake.co.

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Chris MacAskill

Chris MacAskill

Co-founder/CEO of Cake.co, an exciting new platform for having great conversations around your interests.

Previous: Co-founder/President of SmugMug with my family. Maybe the only profitable, independent photo sharing company. Currently 140 employees. Bootstrapped in an age of raising big monies. Went on to buy Flickr.

Co-founder/CEO of Fatbrain.com. Zero to $100 million and public on the Nasdaq in 4 years. Acquired by Barnes & Noble when they were considered a real company and Amazon was thought to be .toast.