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We live in a world where, due to the growing power of computers and software, software is starting to drive the vast majority of scientific research. However, many fields in science still have a culture of not sharing software that research is based on. This, in turn, slows down the innovation process and ends up wasting a lot of taxpayer money for recreation of software that has already been written. Therefore, we must adopt the open source culture in science as soon as possible in order to maximize collaboration and innovation to solve problems and make new discoveries.

About the Speaker

Abhishek Bajpayee

Abhishek Bajpayee

Abhishek is currently a PhD candidate at the MIT and his research focuses on the application of light field imaging and other computer vision techniques to help improve visual perception for autonomous vehicles. Prior to this, he worked on developing light field imaging driven 3D flow velocimetry techniques for fast processing of large data sets.

Abhishek is an strong advocate of open source software, and is always willing to contribute to efforts that promote the adoption of open source in science, research and education. He has created openfv.org to share all software he has developed for his doctoral research. He is also the co-founder of Gryd (gryd.us), a cloud platform focused on enabling research, analytics and education using open source languages and libraries.

When he is not collecting data in a robot car or writing code, he enjoys music, cooking, photography, and all things tech. He love watching movies and would love to make a few in the future.