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Everyone wants to sparkle and stand-out with confidence and charisma. Our desire for connection has become far too dependent on technology and less so on relationships, built upon manners, social synchronization and trust. It’s changing how we live and relate to the world at large, and the result is legions of offenders who fail to connect to with those who matter – people in our immediate space.

Susan Callender is referred to as a “Star Maker” by her clients ranging from youth to senior executives who wish to develop a level of confidence and charisma which sets them apart in crowded, competitive environments and whose trajectory has soared under her tutelage She is the CEO of Oh My Gauche, a firm specializing in western etiquette, global protocol and interpersonal skills training.

About the Speaker

Susan Callender

Susan Callender

Susan Callender is known as the Star Maker by adults and adolescents whose trajectories have soared under her direction. Susan built her reputation for cultivating a polite society and gracious living in her role as the founder and creative director for a “Best of Boston” award-winning hospitality firm and Oh My Gauche!, an etiquette and interpersonal skills training company. She has been commended for helping clients achieve new heights of success, career trajectory and personal magnetism in professional, academic and social settings.