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As a freshman at MIT, Vick wanted to Syrian refugees stay warm during the winter. By combining what he had learned as an Eagle Scout in the Scouting program with what he was learning at MIT, he and his team developed a multi purpose sleeping bag that is being used as a disaster resilience tool to improve the quality of life for displaced persons living in exposed, vulnerable conditions. Throughout the project, he adopted an attitude of doing whatever it takes to make a difference and in the process, he has realized that we are all capable of creating change we keep hoping for.

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Vick Liu

Vick Liu

A student at MIT, Vick Liu designed, manufactured, and tested TravlerPackā€”a quality, multi-purpose sleeping bag for refugees in extreme weather conditions. He performed market analysis and research of Humanitarian Aid and contracted supplies with the United Nations and Red Cross. He also established logistics chain to manufacture 600 TravlerPacks, ship them overseas to a non-profit, and distribute them in Syria and Lebanon. TravlerPack has launched two crowdfunding campaigns, raising $50,000 overall.