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Global change doesn’t exist. All change is local. We begin the process of profound change in our backyards by engaging in local actions and collaborations that teach us how politics, social interaction, civic collaboration and negotiation shape our world. As Founder of CivicMoxie, lecturer at MIT, and lead author of “Places in the Making,” Susan Silberberg is an expert on placemaking –the act of engaging and collaborating with our neighbors, friends, and even strangers, to design, shape and maintain our public spaces. She teaches place democracy and how it allows citizens to build their civic muscles….skills needed for change the world over. Silberberg offers three cases in everyday places that illustrate how placemaking creates and sustains healthy, vibrant, civil society and shows you how to get started… locally !

Susan Silberberg, Founder of CivicMoxie, and Lecturer in the Department of Urban Studies and Planning at MIT, advises public officials, non-profits, and local communities on placemaking strategies, urban revitalization and arts and cultural development. She is the lead author of “Places in the Making: How placemaking builds places and communities”, the go-to publication that defines how very local citizen actions that are the core of placemaking create and sustain strong, vibrant communities, and why public officials are joining the movement.

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Susan Silberberg

Susan Silberberg

An accomplished city planner, urban designer, architect, author and educator, Susan Silberberg is Lecturer in Urban Design and Planning in the Department of Urban Studies and Planning at MIT. She is the Founder and Managing Director of CivicMoxie, LLC, a planning, urban design, real estate advisory and strategic placemaking group with experience in serving municipalities, not for profits, corporations, developers, foundations and community groups. Susan is lead author of Places in the Making: How placemaking builds places and communities. This MIT white paper reveals the importance of the placemaking process in building social capital and restoring local political voices in communities:http://dusp.mit.edu/cdd/project/placemaking

Susan is currently leading the placemaking effort in Santurce, Puerto Rico for the Foundation for Puerto Rico. Her planning, research and academic endeavors at MIT have been supported by national foundations and competitive research grants. In her planning practice, Susan has led two Boston waterfront planning efforts that identify the unique challenges faced by developers and that propose creative solutions for cultural and public uses along the Harborwalk. She has also created master plans for new arts districts and worked with community development corporations. As Associate Director of the MetLife Innovative Space Awards, she worked with over 100 arts and cultural organizations nationwide to identify best practices for affordable artist space development and community engagement. Susan is completing a book on Artists’ Engagement with Community that includes groundbreaking insights for funders, developers, community advocates, arts organizations and artists.

Susan has served as the Associate Director of the Northeast Mayors’ Institute on City Design. She is on the Board of Directors and Program Committee of Historic Boston, Inc., a non-profit developer of endangered historic properties. She also serves on the Board of The Joshua Bates Art Center in the South End of Boston. Susan has a Master in City Planning degree from MIT and a Bachelor of Architecture from Pratt Institute.