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Dixon Doll was Chairing the Nation Venture Capital Association during 2008 when something really disastrous happened. For the first time in 30+ years, there were ZERO tech IPO’s. Unless fixed, a meltdown of U.S. company creation, job creation, and innovation could paralyze our innovation economy. He set out on an ambitious plan to address systemic problems in the entire VC ecosystem that led to the passage of the 2012 JOBS Act. This compelling talk explains the steps taken to get venture capital moving through the economy again and what still needs to be done to assure this threat to the U.S.’s innovation leadership can’t happen again.

The renowned VC, Dr. Dixon Doll has influenced entrepreneurs, investors, executives and government policymakers across the globe for more than three decades. He has founded two top global VC firms, raised billions of dollars in institutional capital, and started many transformational companies in the internet and communications industries. Forbes named Dixon to its Midas List for four consecutive years in the 2000’s, and he also was the 2008/9 U.S. National Venture Capital Chairman.

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Dixon Doll

Dixon Doll

For more than 35 years, Dixon has influenced and guided entrepreneurs, investors and executives in the computer, communications, and internet industries. Dixon was named to the Forbes Midas List for four consecutive years and received the 2013 Special Achievement Award in VC from the International Business Forum. He was elected to the Board of the National Venture Capital Association in 2005, serving on the Executive Committee and as Chairman in 2008/9.

Under Dixon’s leadership, the NVCA developed a widely embraced set of recommendations, including the NVCA 4-Pillar Plan, to stimulate liquidity in the U.S. venture capital industry. This plan resulted in bipartisan Congressional support for new job creation legislation and simplification of the IPO process for young emerging companies. Known as the JOBS Act, President Obama signed it into law in 2012. Dixon has led DCM’s investments in About.com (Acquired by The New York Times Co.), @Motion (Acquired by Openwave), CENX (Chairmen), Clearwire (Nasdaq: CLWR), Coradiant (Acquired by BMC), Force10 Networks (Acquired by Dell), Foundry Networks (Nasdaq: FDRY), Internap (Nasdaq: INAP), Ipivot (Acquired by Intel), Keep.com, Neutral Tandem (Nasdaq: TNDM) and Mobileum (formerly Roamware). He is the past Chairman of Network Equipment Technologies (NWK), and serves on the Board of Directors of DIRECTV (DTV).