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What if you could read a book without even touching it? or what if we could reconstruct how a painting was created layer by layer? This video explains how terahertz waves can be used to unravel secrets that may be hidden in cultural heritage objects.

Albert Redo-Sanchez is Research Specialist at the MIT Media Lab. He works in developing new technology for the inspection of cultural heritage objects using terahertz waves and other multi-spectral imaging methods. He is also an aviation enthusiast and he would like to become an astronaut.

About the Speaker

Albert Redo Sanchez

Albert Redo Sanchez

Albert Redo-Sanchez is currently Research Specialist in the camera culture group at the MIT Media Lab. His interests include terahertz systems and applications, photonics, advanced data processing and analysis, inverse problems, robotics, advanced manufacturing, and modeling and simulation. He is also an aviation nut and he dreams to become an astronaut some day.