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In November 2018, Massachusetts will be voting on public accomodation rights for transgender people. If rights are rolled back, the transgender community could be discriminated against and even banned from public spaces, including libraries, hospitals, and public parks and trails. It is crucial that Massachusetts votes to allow transgender people their basic rights to be in the public sphere.

About the Speaker

Mason Dunn

Mason Dunn

Mason is the Executive Director of the Massachusetts Trans Political Coalition with over 10 years of experience as a trans rights advocate and activist. Originally from California, Mason graduated from Western Oregon University, before moving to New England. During his time in New Hampshire he was on the steering committee for Transgender New Hampshire and an organizer with the New Hampshire Coalition for Transgender Equality. An educator and activist, Mason is also an adjunct faculty member in the communications department at the University of New Hampshire at Manchester, where he specializes in LGBTQ images and perspectives.

Mason graduated from the University of New Hampshire School of Law as a member of the Daniel Webster Honors Scholar program in 2012 and holds a BA in Criminal Justice from Western Oregon University. He is a member of the New Hampshire Bar Association. When Mason is not working for social justice, he enjoys spending time with his wife, Lauren, and backpacking, kayaking, and pursing his more geeky interests.