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The modern book, made possible by the innovation of the printing press and moveable type, revolutionized law and modern civilization. We are living through a period similar in many ways to the social, political and economic upheavals brought on by mass printing and the concomitant widespread gains in literacy. The digital computer will ultimately be no less revolutionary, ushering in the elimination of legal uncertainty, the advent of legal singularity, and with it a reinvented social order.

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Benjamin Alarie

Benjamin Alarie

Co-founder and CEO at Blue J Legal; Osler Chair in Business Law, tenured faculty member, and Associate Dean (2011-2015) at the law school at the University of Toronto. Completed graduate work at Yale Law School. Served as law clerk to Madam Justice Louise Arbour of the Supreme Court of Canada (2003-2004). An expert author in taxation law and in constitutional law with respect to issues of taxation and fiscal federalism; scholar of judicial behavior and politics. Main research interests include tax law, tax policy, judicial decision-making, law, and economics. As chair of the JD Admissions Committee (2012-present), targets the most promising students in the world for admission by pairing good old-fashioned committee review with the judicious use of statistics. As Associate Dean of the law school (2011-2015), co-chaired reform of the first year of the JD program, including curriculum development and design of new courses in legal methods and legal research and writing. As co-founder and CEO of Blue J Legal leading the creation of software that represents the next generation of legal research, including Tax Foresight and Employment Foresight.