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In our current day society, immigrants, first generations, and low income minorities are the backbone of this country through the underpayed labor we commit to everyday. Consequently, with these limited roles, we have little-to-no opportunity to build strong economical and educational foundations in the U.S. It’s about time we change that, and today’s youth are the answer to that change.


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Jefferson Veillard

Jefferson Veillard

Jefferson Veillard was born in Haiti and spent 6 months there before he and his family came to the U.S. Jefferson’s family came to the U.S to establish a stable sense of prosperity. As he got older, Jefferson put himself in different circumstances where finding that prosperity was possible or seemed impossible.

Going into a predominately white suburban middle school, Jefferson’s skin, income, and heritage had been aspects of himself that he used to be discouraged about because while society recognized him as a socioeconomic minority, he recognized myself as intellectual minority compared to other kids in his classes.

However, in high school Jefferson learned that those traits don’t spell minority, they spell capacity. His low income means he had to work harder than others to attain success. His ethnicity means that he is a product of fighting for liberation and thriving. And therefore, he have the capacity to thrive in the U.S like anyone else. Jefferson wants other immigrants to understand this and benefit from this understanding as well.