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How can US and China work together and collaborate? Lin Yang tells about her personal journey in both US and China, and is dedicated to foster collaboration between US and China for mutual prosperity

Lin Yang is a Harvard trained China public policy specialist and a media veteran (former China Central Television TV News Anchor and Forbes columnist on US-China). She is named as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum.

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Lin Yang

Lin Yang

Born and raised in China and later educated in the U.S. at Harvard University, Lin is a China public policy specialist and a media veteran. Her career spans from policy, media and business in both US and China, and she is regarded as a credible China story teller in the international community, and a younger generation pioneer in enhancing US-China relations. She was named as a Young Global Leader by World Economic Forum.

Lin is the Founder and President of Innovation Ideas Institute(3i), the first think tank founded by Chinese scholars in the United States, and lectures at Harvard HTUP program. Her most recent research focuses on policies related to “China invest in USA”, a new and fast growing phenomenon in US-China economic relations, and on how to foster a healthy bilateral investment environment between US and China. She sits on the editors board of “The White Paper of the Development of Chinese Enterprises in USA”,and runs a column of “The global vision of Chinese companies” on Forbes USA.

While she was a Senior Research Associate for the China Public Policy Program at Harvard University, her tasks were first-hand interviews and balanced case research to bring insights to the international world of academia, government, and business on how government works in China and how public policies are made in the rapidly changing environment.

Previously Lin was a key English/Chinese Anchor and reporter for China Central Television (CCTV) International, presenting Chinese political and economic events to the world and bringing fresh perspectives to the World’s News sphere. She anchored numerous unprecedented live breaking News events that made China’s broadcasting history, including live coverage of the 2003 Iraq war, the SARS epidemic, the first Round of Six party talks, and the launch of China’s first manned spacecraft-Shenzhou 5, etc. She has also interviewed numerous world political and business leaders. In 2006, she was with CNN Washington DC Bureau.

Lin’s professional experiences also include work with international agencies and think-tanks in New York City and Beijing, advisory positions at the interface of business and government in the financial sector in New York City. She frequently speaks at public events and public media about Globalization of China.