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Alex Frankel is a NYC based opera singer and male model. As a former football player and salesperson, Alex’s journey to becoming an opera singer was an unorthodox one. In addition to singing, Alex is a male plus size model, and a Chess teacher to three year olds. It’s his goal to make opera more accessible to all, especially younger generations.

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Alexander Frankel

Alexander Frankel

Alex Frankel is an Opera Singer, Actor and one of the only Male Plus Size Models in the USA. In the last 2 years Alex has lost almost 150 pounds, and is a vocal advocate for body positivity and self acceptance. On the Opera stage Mr. Frankel most recently appeared as Samson in Roddy Bottum’s Sasquatch the Opera at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, in February of 2017 he performed Nikolaus Sprink in Kevin Puts’ Pulitzer prize winning opera Silent Night with Opera San Jose. Alex made his film debut in 2017 in the Debut Music Video for Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers as Cecily Strong’s hot date. Mr. Frankel is managed by Jan Planit in the US, and Colours Agency in Scotland.