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Daquan J. Oliver, Executive Director of Recesspreneurs and CEO at Jossle, discovered a system of self-development to evolve society. He’s here to show us how a life of chaos is necessary to reach one’s full potential in today’s society. Oliver contends that the structural violence of historic establishments created an inescapable lower-class. But if so, how do we level the playing field? This compelling talk from TEDxBeaconStreet demonstrates how changing the way we understand chaos could evolve society.

Lifehacker and changemaker, Daquan J. Oliver is Executive Director of Recesspreneurs and CEO of Jossle.

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Daquan Oliver

Daquan Oliver

Daquan J. Oliver is an African-American entrepreneur and social innovator. He is the Founder & Executive Director of Recesspreneurs, an entrepreneurial education oriented non-profit serving low income children by teaching life skills through after-school entrepreneurship programs by establishing college student chapters. He is also the CEO & Co-founder of Jossle, a youth marketing agency for brands to reach and sell to college students. Daquan was named 1 of 5 Black Student Leaders to Watch in 2014 by the Clinton Foundation, one of five Top College Entrepreneurs in the nation by Entrepreneur Magazine in the College Entrepreneur of the Year Contest, one of three Impact Award Finalists that recognizes Bostonians under the age of 35 that impact Boston, and received special acknowledgement by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.