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We used to admire Silicon Valley. It was home to the innovation machine driving our economy, thanks especially to the invention of the smartphone and social media a decade ago. Today many see it as the bogeyman’s lair – where the richest, most powerful companies on the planet plot the takeover of our lives. We feel surprised and threatened by this. But this problem is a lot more fixable than we think it is.

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Fred Vogelstein

Fred Vogelstein

Fred Vogelstein is contributing editor at Wired magazine in San Francisco where he writes about the business and technology of Silicon Valley. There and at previous jobs at Fortune magazine and US News & World Report he’s authored some of the seminal stories about the region’s transformation from computer industry hub into ground zero for the most powerful companies on the planet. They include some of the earliest investigations into Bill Gates’ fear of Google, the mess at Yahoo, the rise of Facebook, and the revolutionary impacts of the iPhone and Android phone. He’s been a finalist for The Gerald Loeb Award, business journalism’s top prize. His 2013 book Dogfight: How Apple and Google went to War and Started a Revolution was published in 17 countries.