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What if you wanted to have a baby but couldn’t? Do you think our country’s polices would help you — or would they pose giant barriers that make childbearing almost impossible? The barriers are real and shocking, but lawyer and infertility activist Lee Rubin Collins leads the fight to tear them down.

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Lee Collins

Lee Collins

Lee Rubin Collins is passionate about helping people create the families they dream of. Lee started down a traditional path: Harvard College, Harvard Law School, and for many years a litigator and partner at the Boston law firm of Ropes & Gray. But after struggling with infertility (resolved happily with the births of two daughters), Lee was inspired to leave her law partnership and dedicate herself to this cause. She is now an activist on behalf of the 1 out of 8 adults who face infertility in their quest to have a family.

Lee is known for her energetic nationwide advocacy to keep fertility treatment accessible and legal. In addition to meeting regularly with U.S. Congressional representatives, she writes and speaks frequently at conferences and in media including Fox & Friends and The Huffington Post. As an outside expert, Lee vigorously challenged the President’s Council on Bioethics when it threatened to undermine reproductive medicine. In 2014, she received the Barbara Eck Founders Award from RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association, in recognition of her outstanding service to the field.