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This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. In the 21st century world of retail produce, customers are more informed than they ever have been about the food they eat. Because of this knowledge, the demands on the market have changed at the same rate. But can the food industry meet those demands ? Ciaran Foley will explore those demands through stories and facts he’s learned on the front lines of selling produce to the public.

Ciaran Foley has been a Produce Team Leader for Whole Foods Market for over 15 years. With a deep understanding of the retail food business, he also spent a short time on the wholesale end working for Red Tomato, a non-profit company whose mission is to create brand around medium sized family farms that grow produce in the northeast U.S.

About the Speaker

Ciaran Foley

Ciaran Foley

I am 44 year old Dad of one 11 year old son and Husband of a great woman for 14 years. I graduated from BU School of Fine Arts in 1992 with a BFA in sculpture. At the time there was there was a glut of sculptors in the job market and finding work in my field proved difficult. I had a friend who was working for Bread and Circus, now Whole Foods, and she said how great it was with really great people. I applied and got a job in the produce department. Since then I have worked in the Berkeley California store for almost 3 years and then moved back to Boston beacame a Produce Team Leader and have worked in 5 different stores in the area.
I also had a short stint working for a non-profit company called Red Tomato, that is a marketing/sales agent for medium sized Family Farms in the North East United States. Their mission is to create branding for these farms in an attempt to get them better prices in the very competitive Produce Market.