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How much do you know about the food you eat? Have you ever wondered how far it travels to get to you, or how much water was consumed to produce it? The more you know, the more you’ll be interested in the future of food and its increasingly important role in the design of our cities.

James Miner is an urban planner and managing principal at Sasaki Associates, Inc. Sasaki is a global design firm known for its culture of innovation and thought leadership in the fields of urban design, planning, landscape architecture, civil engineering, architecture, interior design, and graphic design.

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James Miner

James Miner

James is head of Sasaki’s planning and urban design practice and chair of the Executive Committee. His portfolio of work spans across all scales and includes urban infill projects, new communities, strategic land development, and regional planning. James also has significant experience planning for colleges and universities.

James enjoys complex, challenging projects in which the process of reaching consensus or seeking public approval is intricate and demanding. His collaborative spirit provides his teams and clients with broader ownership of key issues and of the ideas that will ensure the success of each project. James also has a passion for innovation and is always looking for new ways to use technology to improve the planning process. He is currently using several new technologies in his work including interactive online community engagement tools and modeling software that ties metrics to urban design decisions in real time.

James holds a master of urban planning from the Harvard Graduate School of Design, and a bachelor of science in art and design from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is an active member of the Urban Land Institute and the American Planning Association.