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Step into the mind of magician Evan Northrup as he shows how our assumptions shape our world, and how pushing back against them can allow us to achieve the impossible.

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Evan Northrup

Evan Northrup

Evan is a magician, performing primarily in the Northeastern United States. He has studied his masters in Las Vegas and Madrid and has performed in the U.S., Barcelona, Paris, and London. His playful antics and elegant pieces of magic have astonished and entertained audiences around the world. For the last 22 years, Evan has immersed himself in a beautifully esoteric world of secrecy. Magicians spend days – years, even – practicing moves so that no one will ever see them. They fuse practical psychology with sleight of hand into a lively, inspiring experience. After 10 years of musical theater, 15 years of various instruments, and 20 years of dance, theatrical design and magic remain the perfect balance for him of creative outlet and challenging work.