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Early nurturing of entrepreneurship is key to the creation of startups. And startup are today’s best answer for generating new jobs for the large growing youth populations, especially in developing countries. This is a unique approach to catalyzing entrepreneurs from general population which can not only accelerate creation of jobs but also to provide a simple framework for the making of an entrepreneur.

Rajesh Nair is an inventor, product developer and an entrepreneur with more than two decades of experience. His new life project now is to catalyze entrepreneurs from the ground up in developing countries. This work is a part of his master’s thesis at the System Design and Management program at MIT.

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Rajesh Nair

Rajesh Nair

Rajesh is a product designer and a serial entrepreneur. His last company DegreeC specializes in thermal management of complex electronic systems from laptops, servers, and medical equipment to missile launchers.

He holds bachelor’s degrees in Physics and Electronics & Communications, and graduate degrees in Electronic Product Design and Manufacturing Engineering. He is currently completing his MS in System Design and Management at MIT.