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Do YOU have what it takes to succeed? Learn what it takes to turn a challenge into a success, and live a better life.

Jonathan Ortheden is a Swedish entrepreneur who, at age 15, developed an app that became an instant global success, threatened the SnapChat business model which almost resulted in a lawsuit. Turning this early defeat into opportunity, he now runs an award-winning and rewarding development business with clients including Porsche and WordBolt. He dives in to the truth of what it takes to become a success, and how you can identify big lessons from any business challenge. Now with over a million downloads he’s shaping the future in tech.

About the Speaker

Jonathan Ortheden

Jonathan Ortheden

Jonathan Ortheden’s passion for developing started at an early age. Within a few years he made it into a business and started changing lives. With a lot of work and a little sleep, he turned his dreams into tangible tools that could benefit other people. He released his first app at 14 years old and it instantly went up to the top of the charts all over the world. Two months later, Snapchat forced him to shut it down and threatened to sue him.

And finally, he owes the biggest of thanks to his mentor, who has been supporting him since square one. When he’s not developing, he can be found at the piano or conquering the Norwegian mountains.

Now at close to a million downloads, he is on his way to creating the next big thing in tech.