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Child sexual abuse thrives in shame and silence. As a survivor of child sexual abuse, Pennie Saum shares her journey through four ways of speaking out and being loud. Childhood trauma doesn’t have to control victims lives forever, they are survivors and can have the life they dream of by breaking the silence. children, sexual assault, military, public health, childhood, self improvement Pennie Saum is an author, speaker, advocate, law changer, and voice seeker who has dedicated her life to help victims use their voice to move through trauma and grief. She has a passion for helping child sexual abuse victims become thrivers. Pennie is the founder of the Brave and Unbroken Project committed to helping victims in healing, education, advocacy and resilience.

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Pennie Saum

Pennie Saum

Pennie fights for adult survivors and children of sexual abuse from military soldiers and was instrumental in the passing of the Child Abuse Accountability Enhancement Act, eliminating the protection of military retirees pension, when child sexual abuse has been prosecuted and a judgement has been awarded. The CAAEA was signed into law 12/2017.