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“When are we going to use this stuff in real life?” That’s the common refrain from students memorizing math and science from textbooks and worksheets. But this physician realized that, when it comes to science, there’s one application that couldn’t be more relevant: our own bodies. Using health as the basis for a science curriculum has proven to be captivating for even the most jaded classrooms.

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Berri Jacque

Berri Jacque

Berri is an Associate Professor at Tufts Medical School and the Director of the Center for Translational Science Educating (CTSE). His scientific background is in immunology but like many of us, his career path and interests have been a circuitous journey. After graduating with his PhD, he became passionate about bridging the divide between health and science in high school classrooms and began a postdoctoral fellowship in curriculum design and evaluation. He now builds collaborative learning communities that partner biomedical scientists and teachers to improve science education for high school students that focus on connecting health and science. His research centers around understanding the relationship between scientific literacy, health education, and health literacy. The CTSE’s curricula are used in thousands classrooms around the country, where they engaging students as they learn about health and disease.