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Confining yourself to a single way of thinking limits the potential for innovation across fields.

As a whole, we are socially conditioned to believe that we are definitively placed in a creative or logical category. Sarah Larbi’s experience as a computer scientist with 18 years of dance experience has changed her perspective on this structured way of thinking.

True progress and innovation requires collaboration and cross-coordination between all facets of thought.

About the Speaker

Sarah Larbi

Sarah Larbi

Sarah Larbi holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from Boston University’s College of Arts and Science, and has significant experience working with tech related security, and programming languages such as Python and Java. Throughout her time in college, she was a program coordinator for CodeBreakers High School Security Program, which involved designing and developing a four-week computer science curriculum that focuses on cryptography and network security for high school girls.

During her time at BU she was a Spark! Fellow at the Rafik B. Hariri Institute for Computing and Computational Science, where her team built a mobile application for dancers in the Greater Boston Area. After her graduation this past May, Sarah joined Liberty Mutual as a Technology Associate where she focuses on broadening her technical knowledge in an enterprise environment. In addition to her role in the tech world, Sarah is an instructor at Corepower Yoga, where she teaches multiple classes a week and helps coach new yoga teachers in training.