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When most people go to the zoo, they are looking for an interactive experience with animals. Banging on the glass will only disrupt and irritate animals. In order to have a better experience, we must spend a longer time with the animals, in the right mindset to watch and learn.

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Rita Poussaint Nethersole

Rita Poussaint Nethersole

Rita Poussaint Nethersole is a resident of Roxbury and is involved in many community activities. She is a volunteer animal care, education volunteer and docent for the Franklin Park Zoo and was a Chairperson, Host and On-Air Presenter for the WGBH/Channel 2 Auction. She is a consultant to the Harvard Foundation for Race and Inter-cultural Relations.

She was also a volunteer in the Harvard Prisons Program. She received her A.B. degree in Afro-American Studies in 1975. She received her M.Ed. from Suffolk University in 1980 and an M.A in Critical and Creative Thinking program from the University of Massachusetts Boston.