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Chip discusses how his company is helping to reduce dependencies on medications through cranial electrotherapy stimulation.

For twenty years now, Fisher Wallace Laboratories has been working to improve the awareness of cranial electrotherapy stimulation in the medical community and to reduce dependencies on medications. To that end, the company, led by founder Chip Fisher, has marketed its Cranial Stimulator, a drug-free device available through prescription from any health practitioner licensed for electrotherapy in the United States, since 1991. The FDA-sanctioned device treats anxiety, stress, insomnia, and depression using micro-current frequencies that are said to increase the natural ability of neural cells in the brain to produce various neurotransmitters that help to normalize mood and sleep. These neurotransmitters also lower the cortisol levels that occur during periods of long-term stress.

About the Speaker

Charles Fisher

Charles Fisher

Charles Avery (Chip) Fisher is the president of Fisher Wallace Laboratories, which manufactures the handheld Fisher Wallace Cranial Stimulator. It generates micro-currents of electricity using patented radio frequencies for gently stimulating the brain’s production of serotonin and dopamine. The many peer-reviewed studies and pilot programs—including a successful 399-patient pilot program at Phoenix House—are documented on the company website.

Chip Fisher, son of stereo pioneer Avery Fisher, discovered the Stimulator at a business conference and impressed by its curative abilities and lack of any serious side effects, ended up buying the patents to the technology. He subsequently found relief for his decades-long struggle with seasonal affective disorder with the Stimulator.