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Have you learned anything useful on YouTube lately? Performing on guitar, piano, harmonica and finally debuting an orchestral piece, Usman Riaz will share how he used the internet and multimedia to learn from some of the greatest people in the world just by watching them.

Anything is possible with the information available at our fingertips. Imagine what we can achieve if we decide to use it.

A self taught composer, visual artist and filmmaker, at 21 years of age Usman Riaz became a TED Fellow and has spoken and performed at the TED Global Conferences in 2012 in Edinburgh and received a scholarship to Berklee School of Music in Boston. At 23, Usman is now the youngest TED Senior Fellow.

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Usman Riaz

Usman Riaz

Usman Riaz began playing classical piano at the age of six and taught himself to play a variety of instruments using the internet as his teacher.

A composer, multi instrumentalist, visual artist and filmmaker, Usman has spoken and performed on the TED main stage as a TED fellow and has been traveling all over the world sharing his artwork and music with audiences to emphasize how all of us can use multimedia around us to further our talents.