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Paralympian Mike Whitehead shares the incredible journey he took from the horrific accident that took the use of his legs through to the opportunity he saw to become one of the world’s most elite rugby players.

Whitehead quotes Chuck Palahniuk, “It’s only after we’ve lost everything that we’re free to do anything,” which is exactly what he did when he joined the local Murderball Team.

Find out how a shift in mindset led Whitehead to one of the biggest growth opportunities of his life.

About the Speaker

Mike Whitehead

Mike Whitehead

Before his spinal cord injury, Mike Whitehead was an avid multi-sport athlete who enjoyed basketball, volleyball, hockey, soccer and badminton. He was introduced to wheelchair rugby when his future teammates, including David Willsie, came to visit him at the Parkwood Rehabilitation Hospital in London, Ontario.

Whitehead quickly became hooked on the contact and the level of competition and made the team just one year after his initial injury. Today, he works for VESCO Metalcraft measuring athletes for rugby wheelchairs and also at Canada Wheelchair Rugby.