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Millennials have gotten a bad rap. We are often perceived as entitled, distracted, tech-obsessed, and irreverent, and these perceptions are acting as a barrier to our generation’s ability to become true leaders in our organizations. We must flip the lens on these stereotypes. Many within our generation are purpose-driven, brand-oriented, innovative, connected, and courageous. Whether we like it or not, we are the future leaders. So, what’s holding us back? The answer isn’t to point a finger at the current generations of leaders. It’s on us. It’s time for us to show up differently. It’s time to own the label.

About the Speaker

Kristen Puchek

Kristen Puchek

Kristen Puchek is a leader in Deloitte Consulting’s Human Capital practice, specializing in Diversity & Inclusion (D&I), Organization and Talent strategies. Kristen currently co-leads Deloitte’s Strategic Inclusion practice for the US firm, where she manages the go-to-market strategy as well as methods and tools for delivering D&I work to clients. Kristen partners with senior executives in global Fortune 50 clients across industries to design D&I and leadership strategies that develop inclusive leadership behaviors, enhance and leverage multi-generational engagement, and drive authenticity and innovation throughout the organization.

Kristen is a frequent speaker on topics of inclusive leadership and generational strategies, as well as facilitates immersive learning and strategy sessions for senior executive teams.

Kristen holds a MBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management, and BS/BA in International Business and Economics from Valparaiso University.