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MIT Hyperloop is a group of interdisciplinary MIT graduate and undergraduate working on the future of mobility and high speed travel. Our latest vehicle (Hyperloop II) debuted at Elon Musk’s SpaceX-Hyperloop program, winning 1st place in USA and 5th internationally at SpaceX HQ. We have recently been working with The Boring Company on a Hyperloop tunneling competition in Las Vegas, NV as well.

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Vik Parth

Vik Parth

Vik Parth was team captain of the MIT Hyperloop II team which placed 1st in the USA and 5th internationally for Elon Musk’s SpaceX-Hyperloop IV and The Boring Company. The Hyperloop II vehicle demonstrated the world’s first autonomous electric hovercraft for high-speed transport. Vik completed his graduate degree in the MIT Media Lab and previously cofounded the Texas Guadaloop hyperloop team in Austin, Texas. His work has been featured on MIT, Wired, TEDx, and The University of Texas at Austin.