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Suezette Robotham

Suezette Robotham

Suezette’s professional background includes work in and with large urban school districts’ administrative offices (Atlanta Public Schools and Metro Nashville Public Schools) and with education reform organizations Teach For America, The New Teacher Project, and The Achievement Network. Suezette is also the Founder of The Higher & Hire Group, LLC, a boutique human capital firm that specializes in providing training and coaching support to professionals who are seeking to take the next (or first) steps in their careers. With a decade of leadership experience, Suezette’s key strengths include talent acquisition, leadership development, strategic planning, and relationship building. An alumnus of the University of Florida and the Andrew Young School of Policy Studies at Georgia State University, Suezette currently lives, works, and plays in New York City.

On her commitment to talent development, “Talent has been my professional life. From talent placement, to talent recruitment and hiring, to talent development; I have lived and worked in a space where I’ve had to be able to identify the key skills and mindsets that a person must bring to the table in order to thrive in their role. I also know that mission driven organizations cannot do the work of improving the long- and short-term life outcomes of men, women, and children across this country without the right talent in the right seats. I enjoy working with folks that really want to make their passion, their purpose on a regular basis.”