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“2017 TEDxBeaconStreet Interview with Masha Gershman. A walk through Soviet Russian history and the realization that math is the best vehicle to deliver children to their fullest potential. In the midst of the Space Race, Soviet Russia was tasked with developing a generation of minds who could out-innovate and out-create the United States.

The system of math education that was developed in result did much more than launch rockets into space – it proved that a child’s abilities are not pre-set at birth, and that math is the best tool to deliver children to their fullest potential. “

About the Speaker

Masha Gershman

Masha Gershman

Masha Gershman is the Director of Outreach at Russian School of Mathematics, a rapidly growing K-12 afterschool mathematics program, with a mission to instill in every child a strong foundation and appreciation for mathematics. Today, RSM serves over 15,000 students of all levels and backgrounds across the United States. Yet, our proudest achievement remains are our outstanding students and accomplished alumni across the US. Masha joined RSM in 2013 to help the company spread the message that advanced mathematics, when taught appropriately, is not only within the grasp of every child, but is also a crucial skill for achieving success in any field.