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Lauren Kuntz

Lauren Kuntz

As an undergraduate at MIT and then a PhD student at Harvard University, Lauren Kuntz developed a fascination for climate dynamics and the hurdles we must overcome to reach a low carbon future. After studying climate and energy for nearly a decade, she decided to step away from academia to help translate ideas into reality. She currently works as the co-founder and CEO of Gaiascope, an energy startup building software to forecast grid dynamics and accelerate our transition to a low-carbon future.

When she’s not thinking about energy and climate, you can find her running around a track. Since picking up pole vault while at MIT, Lauren has become one of the first female decathletes and icosathletes fighting for gender equality in track and field. She is a world champion and American record holder in the Icosathlon (double decathlon), as well as a 3 time All-American in pole vault. She also serves on the athlete advisory board for the US Center for SafeSport – an organization committed to building a sport community where participants can work and learn together free of emotional, physical and sexual abuse and misconduct.