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2017 TEDxBeaconStreet Interview with Joe Kvedar. In the last century, we’ve added 25 years to our lifespan, yet haven’t helped us use those additional years in the most productive, fulfilling way–what I call the healthspan. As the number of older adults continues to grow, we will run out of caregivers, and need to use technology to help us close the gap between the number of patients and caregivers. This kind of delivery model, using online communication, wearables and mobile apps, is connected health. However, we are developing technology in competition with human interaction. Instead, we must free up technology to do what it does well: capture and analyze data, and enable healthcare providers to focus on the human elements: caring, emotional intelligence and judgment. When we start using technology appropriately, we can actually deepen the connection between doctor and patient and improve the healthspan.

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Joe Kvedar

Joe Kvedar

Dr. Joe Kvedar is creating a new model of healthcare delivery, developing innovative strategies to move care from the hospital or doctor’s office into the day-to-day lives of patients. For more than two decades leading Partners Connected Health, he has launched innovative mobile health programs, virtual care initiatives and clinical research programs to improve care delivery and put the patient at the center of their health and wellness.