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“2017 TEDxBeaconStreet Interview with Emily Cherniack. For President Kennedy, politics was about service, and he brought an approach to public leadership that was undoubtedly informed by his own military service. This Greatest Generation put country first.

Decades later, a new generation have served their country through military, AmeriCorps and Peace Corps programs. These servant leaders are part of a new generation of dedicated citizens who, forged by military and national service, have demonstrated both the leadership skills and the commitment to serve a cause larger than self.

At a time when our politics lack leaders who know what it means to put country first, this new great generation is just what we need right now.”

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Emily Cherniack

Emily Cherniack

Emily is the founder and executive director of New Politics, an organization that recruits service veterans (AmeriCorps, Peace Corps, and military) to run for office and work on campaigns. Prior to founding New Politics, Emily was the deputy campaign manager for Alan Khazei’s U.S Senate campaign. She recruited staff, raised over $1 million, and built and managed the campaign team. Emily was also one of the first founding staff members and Chief of Staff at Be the Change, Inc. Emily holds a B.A. and master’s in education policy from the George Washington University. Emily did a year of full-time service as an AmeriCorps member at City Year Boston. She then served at City Year Boston on staff as a program manager, and service director.