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A story of my imagination, of today’s society, and of how Virtual Reality will lead to a better future.

Jiten Dajee is a digital strategist specializing in exponential technologies. He is focused on understanding our society’s future with augmented and virtual reality, machine learning, and the internet of things. As a passionate disciple of science fiction, from space operas to dystopian novels, Jiten has been chasing his imagination his whole life. He now works with Fortune 500 companies to turn dreams into reality with the breakthrough technologies that are shaping the future.

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Jiten Dajee

Jiten Dajee

Jiten Dajee is a Business Analyst with Deloitte Consulting Innovation’s Exponentials and Ecosystems Group. He is currently focused on discovering new game changing forces, understanding their possibilities, and capitalizing on the opportunities that unfold. He previously interned at redpepper, where he gained experience in advertising and marketing to take on new innovative business concepts and strategies. During his time at Vanderbilt, where he graduated with a BA in Business Strategy, he founded the Nashville 3 Day Startup which teaches entrepreneurial skills to university students in a hands-on environment.