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This is a deeply personal story of being torn away from my parents when they were shipped to the Death Camp in Nazi-occupied France, when I was only three and how that left me unanchored and traumatized for most of my life. Will the traumatized migrant children at the border have a kind psychotherapist four times a week to help them heal, like I did? Will we continue to inflict lifelong trauma on these children and sit back and do nothing? I am an author, public speaker, and contemporary witness. I am a Hidden Child survivor of the Holocaust.

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Sylvia Ruth Gutmann

Sylvia Ruth Gutmann

I am an author, speaker, a hidden child survivor of the Holocaust and contemporay witness
Through my speaking engagements, I am committed to the work of memory, healing, reconciliation, and peace. My work encourages people to shed the guilt and shame of their pasts and to help us see our responsibilities to each other. It is my hope that the future will be filled with more love.
I was born in 1939 in Antwerp,Belgium after my Jewish parents had fled their home in Berlin. As a seven year-old orphaned refugee I sailed with my 2 older sisters to New York. I have also lived in San Diego, Washington DC, Dallas and Berlin, Germany. I now call Framingham, MA home.
Like my late father, I am a fan of classical music and opera. I am a voracious reader, especially memoir and novels. My memoir, A Life Rebuilt:The Remarkable Transformation of a War Orphan, was published in 2018. Order on Amazon, Kindle,  or B&N. com
Warm regards Sylvia