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Parrots are wild animals with an amazing intelligence, social skill, and capacity for understanding. When we bring parrots into our homes, we take away all their innate skills that are meant for them to survive in the wild. When we cage them, we take away their right to fly around. Parrots are not meant to be domesticated, and it is problematic to keep them as pets.

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Danika Oriol-Morway

Danika Oriol-Morway

Danika is the director of the New England Exotic Wildlife Sanctuary and the Foster Parrots Program. The program focuses on the conservation, education, adoption rescue and sanctuary of parrots who wound up there because they were abused, unwanted, or simply outlived their owners. The permanent lifelong care facility for homeless parrots and other displaced exotic pets has anything from the common budgy parakeet cockateels to medium size African greys, large macaws, cockatoos.

The sanctuary sits on 23 acres of land in Hope Valley, Rhode Island and houses close to 400 exotic birds. Here, the greetings of the blue and yellow Macaws compete with the shrill screeches of cockatoos. Amazons gaze suspiciously as African Greys make their presence known.