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Andy explores his life transformation from trying to do everything to trying to do nothing. In that effort, he has evolved from living with a daily point system to share a daily blessing system. Andy will share his perspective on how to find sacred in the solitude and meaning in the moment. As a businessman, and as a father, he has incorporated this pursuit of mindfulness into his daily personal and professional life.

About the Speaker

Andy Goldfarb

Andy Goldfarb

Andy believes in making life Magical, Meaningful, and Memorable. As co-founder and Executive Managing Director of Globespan Capital Partners, he has led investments in over 150 early stage technology companies. He is grateful to have worked with many dynamic and creative entrepreneurs over the past 25 years. He has been recognized on the Forbes Midas List of Top 100 Technology Dealmakers.

Andy began his career in Japan working for Kikkoman Corporation helping start new businesses and made soy sauce for the Emperor of Japan. Andy founded BreakingMatzo.com to make Jewish home holidays Magical, Meaningful and Memorable by sharing ideas about food, fun, and philosophy. Breaking Matzo reaches a global audience of Jews, Christians, and Muslims across social media platforms. In addition, Andy founded Photo Butler, a revolutionary social media app which is changing the way the world shares memories. Photo Butler’s goal is to help people stay more fully present, free of distraction while experiencing life’s more important moments. Andy is the very proud father of two wonderful daughters and has an extensive garden gnome collection and obsession.