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Can robots improve the lives of children with disabilities? Manmeet Maggu and his team of robotics engineers at Trexo Robotics have designed a wearable robot that can allow a child with physical impairments like Cerebral Palsy to experience walking, in many cases for the first time in their lives.

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Manmeet Maggu

Manmeet Maggu

Manmeet Maggu is the Co-Founder and CEO of Trexo Robotics. His commitment to helping children with cerebral palsy walk drove the vision for Trexo and continues to guide his leadership style within the company. Manmeet co-founded Trexo during his MBA at the Rotman School of Management with the help of the University of Toronto Entrepreneurship Hatchery.

Prior to the MBA, Manmeet completed a Mechatronics Engineering degree at the University of Waterloo and has worked at several corporations including Blackberry (RIM), Qualcomm and others. He also brings experience as a project manager at Tracan Electronics where he helped carry hardware projects through the entire product development lifestyle. Manmeet strongly believes in robotics for the betterment of limited technologies.