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Phil Sanderson, an entrepreneur and venture capitalist, has run over 40 ultra marathons ranging from 31 to 100 miles. For the first time last September, he ran the Wasatch 100-miler in the Utah mountains with almost no training (don’t try that at home). Sanderson explains how he “hacked” the race by drawing from an unlikely strategy– entrepreneurship. Based on his work funding entrepreneurs, Sanderson identifies the fundamental hacking principles used by the most successful entrepreneurs — and describes how he applied these principles to achieve his goal of finishing a 100-mile race in under 30 hours.

Phil Sanderson has been a venture capitalist for 18 years and is a partner at IDG Ventures in San Francisco. He is an ultra distance runner having competed in over 40 ultramarathons. Phil is Chairman of the Western Association of Venture Capitalists and the VCNetwork. He received an MBA from Harvard Business School.

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Phil Sanderson

Phil Sanderson

Phil joined IDG Ventures as a Managing Director in September 2006. He previously served as a General Partner at WaldenVC for 10 years, where he primarily focused on early stage investments in new media and information technology. Phil was responsible for WaldenVC investments in VitalStream (VSTH), Bamboo.com (IPIX), NIKU (NIKU), Sina.com (SINA), Adknowledge and People3 (IT) and IDG Ventures investments in Funzio (GREE). Phil currently sits on the boards of Simply Hired, Telltale Games, and Midverse and led investments in BandPage, LeapCommerce and Iddiction.

Prior to WaldenVC, he worked as an investment banker in Robertson Stephens’ New Media and Information Technology Groups. At Robertson Stephens, Phil managed initial public offerings, mergers and acquisitions assignments for CBT Systems, Computer Learning Centers, Electronic Arts, Fritz Integrated Logistics, Spectrum HoloByte, Sierra On-line and Vantive, among others. Prior to Robertson Stephens, he worked in Goldman Sachs’ corporate finance group. Phil has also founded and operated three companies in the retail, non-profit and manufacturing industries.

He is also Co-Chairman/Founder of the VCNetwork and the YVCA, two non-profit organizations consisting of over 1,000 venture capitalists in Silicon Valley. Each year, Phil manages social networking events that include the participation of 50% of the Valley’s General Partners. In addition, Phil serves on the Board of the Western Association of Venture Capitalists and is the CFO.

Phil received his Master of Business Administration with Honors from the Harvard Graduate School of Business and earned his Bachelor of Arts in Economics with Honors from Hamilton College.