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What are GMOs? And why they have been so controversial? Some people believe that GMOs and biohacking should be banned in the USA, however Lee Dong feels they deserve another chance. Dong introduces the tremendous benefits and potential of synthetic biology, even helping to mitigate poverty and violence, especially impacting today’s youth. Lee Dong makes the argument that youth should have an especially important role on GMOs development and success.

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Lee Dong

Lee Dong

From a young age, Lee has been fascinated by the possibilities of biology in curbing some of the most prevalent problems in the world, like hunger, poverty and violence. As a high school senior, she is active in BioBuilders, a synthetic biology competition that encourages students to use synthetic biology to solve the world’s problems. She has presented with and apart from her group to advocate the increased youth involvement in synthetic biology in her school, museums across Boston, and last years TEDxBeaconStreet conference. She plans to stay in the STEM field once in college, hoping to go into medicine.