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How do you stay sane and successful in your life and career?

Through his three-step plan, Rohan Puri explains how you can “fool” yourself into success and fulfillment. Understanding subtle shifts—from the way you carry yourself to the way you pose questions—will help you immediately embody the confidence needed to succeed. As he reflects and shares his experiences with startup culture, he explains the importance of optimizing for the present instead of worrying about the future.

Rohan currently works for the Camera Culture Group in the MIT Media Lab, focusing on wearable devices and mobile apps. Through startup competitions, innovation spaces, and local accelerators, he still works with dozens of startups.

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Rohan Puri

Rohan Puri

Rohan is the co-founder and CEO at Avalanche Labs, a start-up with a mobile app that allows users to easily enter and share snow and avalanche data in the field. He has launched 5 successful Android Apps with a combined 15,000+ users. His work has been featured in local news, radio, TV, and more. He currently mentors at Harvard i-Lab, Startup Weekend, Startup Institute, and TechStars Boston. He is also teaching and prototyping at the MIT Media Lab and at startup events around the US on UI/UX strategies, Body Language/Pitches, and more.