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Personal flying vehicles have long been part of our popular cultural imagination about the future. Christian Bailey, pilot and interdisciplinary inventor, explains how that future is already here for those willing to uncover the world of experimental aviation and hobbyist piloting that’s all around us. He shares the personal journey that led him to build an airplane capable of high speeds while sipping gas. And how he flew it from coast-to-coast and back 10 times in two years.

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Christian Bailey

Christian Bailey

Christian Bailey is the Founder and Chief Scientist of Curated Innovation. Curated builds commercial prototypes to solve challenges set by sponsors and impact investors, based on breakthrough university science. Curated has delivered inventions for companies such as Genentech, Panasonic, and Walmart; and for impact investors in the fields of skin cancer, breast cancer, the human brain, and human flight.

Christian is an investor in applied-science spinouts from MIT and Harvard, and previously founded and led two technology companies. He holds a BA and MA in Economics and Management from the University of Oxford, and completed studies in molecular biology and materials science as a Fellow at MIT. Christian is dedicated to leaving behind four inventions that make the world a better place.