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When we think about the cities of the future, the Jetsons come to mind: a high-tech and glossy future.In his TEDx, Fábio Duarte argues that sometimes we need a Flintstonian approach. By introducing digital technologies in existing urban infrastructures, we can repurpose them. Focusing on Amsterdam’s canals and the sewage system running underneath our cities, Fábio shows that using imagination, science and technology, we can reimagine existing infrastructures, creating smarter without building them from scratch.

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Fábio Duarte

Fábio Duarte

Fábio Duarte is a Research Scientist at MIT Senseable City Lab, a professor at PUCPR, Brazil. Fábio is interested on how can we use technologies to reimagine our cities. At MIT Senseable City Lab, he manages several projects — from deploying small robots into the sewage to building a fleet autonomous boats to Amsterdam. Fábio is author of Unplugging the City (Routledge, 2018).