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Colleen didn’t expect to lose everything, but one day, she found herself a single mother of three with no sustainable income or childcare. Instead of giving up, she dug in and relied on what she knew about bringing people together around the table to create a new life for herself. The life she found is richer, more rewarding, and more connected than she could have hoped, and she shares those lessons and values with us so we, too, can be resilient. Colleen is the founder and manager of Rifrullo cafe in Brookline, MA.

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Colleen Suhanosky

Colleen Suhanosky

Colleen Suhanosky is a Brookline resident, mother of three, and celebrated chef. She founded Rifrullo which offers a fresh take on the traditional café experience bringing top-notch flavor and creativity to familiar American cuisine, with a bit of worldly inspiration.