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Engaging means learning to understand. Disaster means the sea level rise (SLR) and storm surges (SS) caused by climate change and global warming. Elegantly means clear-eyed and compassionate.

SLR and SS endanger all low-lying communities of the Metro Boston estuary. Retreating from SLR and SS needs to be considered with circumspection rather than being forced to flee in panic.

Peter Papesch invites advisers to communities to think like modern pioneers, moving under the banner of diRTT – do it Right This Time! – to upland communities where new roots can be interwoven with the existing residents as well as with nature’s infrastructure, thereby creating healthy and beautiful new homes and neighborhoods.

About the Speaker

Peter Papesch

Peter Papesch

Peter Papesch, AIA, is an architect-developer and educator. He has been a regional planner, urban designer, and energy auditor. He chairs the BSA Sustainability Education Committee, and was founding chair of the USGBC-Massachusetts Chapter’s Education Committee. He is currently promoting the protection of all communities of the Metro Boston estuary against sea level rise and storm surge devastations.